When Matt ran for the State Senate in 2016, it was to change the way politics are done in St. Paul. The gridlock, backroom dealing and finger pointing isn’t tolerated in City Hall, and it shouldn’t be at the capitol.

Matt knows that the people of his district don’t care as much about party as they do about results. Since being elected, Matt has authored or coauthored over 200 bills, of which over 60 were bipartisan.

He has brought back $17.7 million in funding or bonds for local infrastructure and programs. He has voted for tax cuts on the middle class, business property taxes and social security income, volunteer firefighter pensions and farmers.

He has crossed party lines to lower health care costs and to make government function better.

But being at the capitol has never been about Matt, it’s about rising above the fray to serve the people of the district, and having a little fun while doing it!