COVID-19 Response and Resources

A Word from Matt

From my family to yours - I hope you are getting by during these tough times. Hearing from so many people in Lakeville, Farmington and the townships about business closures, job losses, and personal struggles gives me a heavy heart. Health risks, layoffs, furloughs, business closures, and lost income have hit our community harder than ever before. And the cancellations of beloved events like Pan-o-prog and Dew Days make it hard to remember what a strong, resilient community we have. 

With social distancing, it can feel like we’re alone. But you are not alone. We’re all in this together, and I’d like to help. My office can assist with questions about unemployment insurance, critical business sector exemptions, small business loans, child care rules, tax filing, and many other resources.

Recovery Priorities

As we move forward, it is important to remember we are not choosing between a fully-functioning economy and public health. The decisions made at every level - from government to individual - make a difference. In Minnesota, we want to accomplish as many smart-opens as we can, safely and efficiently reopening segments of our economy that do not jeopardize the progress we’ve made in preventing the spread of COVID-19. When I advocated for an exemption that allowed for lawn-care and landscaping employees to return to work, that was my mindset. These may not feel like large changes, but for every person who can regain their livelihood without risks to their health or the health of their families, we take one more step towards a full recovery on every level. I ask that you keep engaging, keep voicing your ideas and together we will move forward in the smartest possible way.



More Money for More Applicants: Unemployment benefits have substantially expanded and increased, including who can apply, how much you can receive, and for how long. You may qualify now even if you didn’t before. Click here to check eligibility & apply.

MNSure Special Enrollment

You may qualify for MNSure coverage. For questions, call 855-366-7873 (if outside the Twin Cities) or 651-539-2099 (from the Twin Cities).

Critical Worker Status Checker

Unsure if you’re a critical worker? Check the State’s new COVID-19 website for answers. Find out here.

Child Care Center Relief

Child care providers can get up to $4,500 a month to offset increased care costs. See if you qualify. Check eligibility here.

MN Emergency Loans

Governor Walz has created a Small Business Emergency Loan for Minnesota small businesses and independent contractors. Loans from $2,500-$35,000 at 0% interest are available. Learn more.

Federal Disaster Loans

You may be eligible for Small Business Administration (SBA) Disaster loans. Apply here.


Visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website for national information. For regular updates, visit here.


Visit the New Minnesota COVID-19 Dashboard for health recommendations, and resources for unemployment insurance, small business loans and forgiveness, child care support, and housing. The site includes Stay-At-Home Order FAQs and other resources. For updates visit here.