Your First $50 is Free - Really!

You can donate $50 to my campaign and get the whole $50 back, as a rebate from the State’s Political Contribution Refund program. The legislature has renewed a program that allows you to receive a $50 rebate per person, per year for political contributions ($100 per couple). Must be a Minnesota resident, 18 years or older, and haven't already applied for a refund in 2020 to qualify. After you donate, we will send you a receipt and a quick, one page form to receive the refund.
If you give more than $20 via Venmo, please include your address.
Minnesota law requires us to keep it on file.

Click here to donate through Venmo!
Contributions by Mail
We can accept checks written to "Little for Senate" and mailed to our address:

Little for Senate
PO Box 650, Lakeville, MN 55044-0650

Please include the full 9-digit ZIP Code when sending in checks! Thanks, again!

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