I grew up working summers at my grandparents’ farm in Wisconsin. I learned a lot while milking cows, mucking out stalls and throwing hay for $2.50 an hour.
Growing up, my teachers were great. I was blessed with outstanding Minnesota schools, from my elementary school in Lakeville to college at the University of Minnesota, Morris.
I’m a big believer in free markets, but when drug companies continue to raise prices at the risk of consumers' lives, someone has to step in.
Too often, when politicians talk about energy, they only talk about subtracting energy sources. What gets lost in the conversation are the huge opportunities for jobs and innovation as we expand our energy supply.
For businesses to grow, they need a strong partner at the state level that creates a job friendly environment. I am that partner.
As the longest serving taxpayers in the state, we need to make sure that our seniors are able to retire right here in Minnesota.
The more divisive the issue, the more we must listen to one another. If we close our ears and minds, we will never move forward. Progress is hard and slow, but I believe our country can fulfill the promises made by our founders to build a nation where all people can live in liberty and happiness. I still believe that promise. I still believe in us.