Enriching Agriculture

Farming is one of Minnesota’s deepest and most important traditions. Farmers earn their living from the land, and live close to the changing face of the seasons. Matt knows that listening to local farmers is the best way to build the future for Minnesota agriculture. He also understands the challenges that global trade disputes and COVID-19’s economic impact have had on farmers and knows that they deserve more support. Matt has authored legislation to exempt grain bins from sales taxes and continues to work with farmers to find ways to keep Minnesota agriculture strong and thriving.


Exempting Grain Bins from Sales Tax in Minnesota | Minnesota Senate DFL

ST. PAUL, Minn. – To help Minnesota farmers facing difficult economic situations and operating on razor-thin margins, Senator Matt Little (DFL-Lakeville) presented legislation that would exempt grain

Walz Signs Bill Halting Foreclosures For Farmers Struggling Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Gov. Tim Walz has signed a bill that stops farm foreclosures until Dec. 1 for farmers struggling with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic who elect to take part in creditor mediation.

Expanding Rural Broadband

The internet is now a utility in the same way water and electricity are. Matt has talked to people from parts of the district whose internet connection is spotty at best. It impacts everything from their ability to work to their children’s education. According to the Minnesota Office of Broadband Development, 17% of Greater MN households, including parts of District 58, lack adequate internet access. It is crucial that stronger broadband is brought to these areas of the state. For these reasons, legislation such as the Border-to-Border Broadband program has Matt’s support.