Republicans Voting for Matt Little!

“I’m over 80 years old and survived two years of combat, 56 years of marriage and five kids. My retirement income is from hard work and not government welfare. I own several guns and a concealed carry permit. I eat red meat, drink lots of great wine and smoke a custom blend of tobacco. I haven’t voted for a Democrat my entire adult life...until I met Matt Little. Keep doing it your way!”

- Frank S, Farmington, Republican

“You're still the only Democrat politician I endorse and support, Senator. Keep up the good work!”

- Doc Bohlman, Lakeville, Repbulican

“I am a Republican that is a bit left of center socially and a bit right of center fiscally but have voted for you every chance that I have had. I had to tell my son who is a junior at Lakeville North how I have seen you at countless Eagle Scout presentations and how you went to every graduation reception as mayor of Lakeville. This political season is especially distasteful but anyone that knows you know that you are not what that commercial depicts. Keep up the good fight!”

- Tim T, Lakeville, Republican

Independents (and People Who Reject Parties) Voting for Matt Little!

“I am voting for Matt Little because his integrity is stronger than any party ! He refuses to do negative ads so it’s clear he can stand on his own record! Lastly he gets things done the right way even if it takes voting no on a bill The 1st time around because it is written poorly ! America needs a lot more Matt Littles.”

- Patty B, Lakeville, No Labels!

“I like that Matt runs a clean campaign, cares about health care (insulin Price gouging) responds when asked a question and he isn’t afraid to be honest and transparent. Both major political parties have let me down, so I vote for the candidate who best represents what I think is important. I also believe in character. I can’t vote for a person that I don’t respect. I respect Matt.”

- Shelley K, Farmington, Independent

“Matt Little is the only elected official that I have ever met in my 60 some years who is approachable, honest and has integrity to talk the truth and has his constituents best interest at heart! He is involved very visibly in his community and shares in the growth of our community with pride.”

- Terrie H, Lakeville, “I identify with the candidate not a party!”

Democrats Voting for Matt Little!

“I endorse Matt because he is a down to earth politician who isn’t afraid to do what’s right for the people, not what a political party wants. Matt also tries to look out for the little towns in his district. I have got to work with him first hand. He is an awesome all around person!”

- Bob A, Mayor of Randolph

“I’ve watched Matt over the years as he became Mayor of Lakeville and then our state senator. I have always been amazed at Matt’s openness and willingness to listen to everyone. I truly believe that he has the well-being of every Minnesotan as his driving force. He is a man of honesty and high integrity-not to mention humor!”

- Joann M, Lakeville, Democrat

“Matt Little has integrity which is what our city, state, and country need right now. He actually goes out into the community to get to know the communities he can make a difference in. He also has decided to run a clean campaign which is what I wish more political candidates would do. There's nothing "Little" about the positive impact Matt has on the community around him. He truly wants the best for all of us.”

- Latisha M, Lakeville, Democrat

More voters of all parties voting for Matt

“Take the time to learn more about Matt Little. If the politicians hope to survive their current list of “leaders”, they would do well to support the kind of politics Matt has brought to MN...including his huge sense of humor as well as interactive dialogue rather than combative, nasty tactics. Quick anecdote: Matt‘s wife Coco got a phone call from one of those nasty “poll” calls which denigrated her husband. The result is’ll find it on Matt’s website: and here’s hoping: Governor Matt Little 2022! ”

- Frank S, Farmington, Republican

“One of Matt's big strengths is his ability to listen to people and talk them through. We live in a time right now where politics are crazy....Matt's willing to engage everyone no matter what their view is, hear them out, talk through it with them and come up with some kind of amicable way to agree or even to disagree. Matt listens to everyone...In today's world having someone able to listen to all sides of an issue and to all voices is truly a remarkable quality. That's why I endorse Matt Little for Minnesota Senate!”

- Andy C, Lakeville, Democrat

“He is a reasonable person---willing to listen and able to lead.”

- Cathy S, Lakeville, Democrat

“While MN Governor Waltz (sic) was telling me what I can or can’t do during the pandemic, I received a flyer in the mail from my state senator. The flip side of the mailer listed dozens of resources to make it through the flurry of executive orders from Timmy. I sent an email to Senator Little pointing out what I perceived as a conflict in the mask mandate. I got an immediate reply as to why it might not be a conflict. I was impressed with both the speed of his reply and Matt’s logic. I checked the internet and figured the listing of Democrats had to be a mistake. Nope...DFL’er. He even paid for that flyer rather than hiding it in the legislative budget. The more I found out about this guy, the more I was impressed.”

- More from Frank S., Farmington, Republican

“I’m a first-year teacher. When I found out I was possibly exposed to COVID-19 a week before the start of the school year, Matt Little's team helped me find a place to get tested (when asymptomatic) so I could miss the least amount of classroom preparation time as possible. Senator Little’s staff listened to my concerns about teachers having access to tests, and called me directly within an hour of receiving my email. As a teacher, I know the most fit to lead are the most apt to listen. Matt Little truly cares about his constituents—no matter their political leanings—experience. You can’t fix problems unless you understand their impacts. I trust Matt Little to value my opinions and ideas, as I have seen him value so many from others. Good luck, Matt!”

- Ashley M, Lakeville, Democrat

All testimonials used with express, written permission from each voter.